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Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program

  • 10/29/2018
  • 2 minutes to read

Applies to

  • Partner Center

Get started

To enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program, you first need an MPN ID. Don’t have one yet? Join here.

When you fill out the CSP application, you will need your MPN ID, complete business address, bank information, and the work email for the employee who will act as the admin for the Partner Center.


Decide which CSP model works for you and complete the application.

It can take us several days to review and verify the information you’ve provided. We’ll email you when we’ve completed our review.


Enroll as an indirect reseller

The rapidly growing demand for cloud-based solutions and services provides many opportunities for Microsoft partners of all sizes to build profitable cloud solution businesses. Partners who are ready to enter the market, but who don’t want to have to manage multiple vendors, or who may not have an end-to-end customer relationship management infrastructure in place, can enroll in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program as indirect resellers.

As an indirect reseller in CSP, you work with indirect providers (also known as distributors) who have a direct relationship with Microsoft and can provide you with customer support and billing. This means you don’t have to begin on your own but can instead work with an experienced technology provider to help ensure your success. In the provider-reseller (two-tier) model, the provider buys cloud solutions and services from Microsoft that you resell to customers.

Different indirect providers offer different support and services, so you should evaluate the providers in your area to determine which ones best meet your needs. Generally, most providers will:

  • Provide you with technical training and assistance
  • Help you market your products and services
  • Help you establish financing and credit terms

If you’re not already working with a provider (also known as a distributor), you can search the list of official Microsoft providers to find one.

For more information about what’s required to sell in the CSP program as an indirect reseller, see Get started as an indirect reseller on the Microsoft Partner Network website.

Enroll as a direct partner

As a direct partner, you own the end-to-end relationship with your customer and with Microsoft. We have updated enrollment requirements for direct bill partners as of August 31, 2018. These new requirements will help you accelerate your business growth with the right CSP enrollment model and strengthen your customer relationships with value-added services and support.

Minimum requirements

MPN IDAn active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for your business location.
EndorsementThe authority to accept and sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization.
SupportThe ability to provide the first level of cloud product support to your customers.
Managed ServiceAt least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application. Learn more about adding managed services.
Accounts receivableThe organizational infrastructure in place to manage customer billing and provisioning.

CSP regional markets and currencies

Your company’s location determines your market. Your market includes the regions and/or countries where you can sell CSP offers. See market locations and currencies used at Cloud Solution Provider program regional markets and currencies